Semalt Review: 15 Best Free Data Scraping Software

The web scraping technique can be implemented by different scraping tools and data extraction programs. These tools interact with sites, identify and collect useful information, and scrape it based on your requirements. Moreover, they save the scraped data on their databases or get it downloaded on your computer machine. Here we have talked about the 15 best web scraping tools on the Internet.

1. Beautiful Soup

It is a famous Python library developed for scraping the XML and HTML files. You just need to install and activate this web scraping tool and let it perform a variety of tasks. You can use it conveniently on the Debian and Ubuntu systems.


This is one of the best data scraping tools. It allows us to scrape information from both basic and advances site and has the modern, user-friendly interface.

3. Mozenda

Mozenda is a screen scraper and data extraction software. It provides content in a variety of formats and is the point-and-click scraper.

4. ParseHub

It is the visual web scraper that can be used to collect information from the internet. You can create API from different sites using this program.

5. Octoparse

Octoparse is the client-side web scraper and data extraction tool for Windows users. It can turn the semi-structured or unstructured information into the structured datasets without any need of codes.

6. CrawlMonster

It is one of the best free web scrapers, data extraction programs, and crawlers. It lets you scan different sites and makes the crawling of your web pages easy.

7. Connotate

It is the ultimate solution to data-related problems. You just need to download this program, send a request and get the data scraped as per your desires.

8. Common Crawl

It is known to provide an open dataset of the crawled web pages. It turns raw data into a structured and organized form, extracts metadata for the users, and provides information from different images.

9. Crawly

It is an automatic data extraction service with lots of features and properties. It can scrape and turn your raw data into an organized form, giving the results in JSON and CSV formats.

10. Content Grabber

It is great for those who want to scrape data from different images and videos. This is the first preference of enterprises and lets you create the stand-alone web scraping agent.

11. Diffbot

It is the only automated data scraper that organizes your data and crawls your web pages within a few seconds. It is suitable for developers and programmers and can turn your site into APIs.

12. Dexi. io

It is perfect for SEO experts, webmasters, and freelancers. This cloud web scraping tool deals with heavy data and scrapes it without compromising on quality. It can handle queries related to JavaScript.

13. Data Scraping Studio

It comes in both free and premium plans and helps harvest information from plenty of web pages, PDF documents, XML and HMTL files. This desktop application is available only for Windows users.

14. Easy Web Extract

It is the visual web scraper and data extraction program suitable for top brands and startups. It has various unique features and data is scraped from different HTTP files.

15. FMiner

It lets you build different projects with its macro recorder and is one of the coolest data scraping tools. It extracts useful information from email addresses and social networking sites.